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Compliance with the law

Only persons registered and licensed under the Engineering Technology Act of 2016 are
allowed to undertake engineering technology professional services and works in Kenya.
Consequently, KETRB has the mandate to enter and inspect sites where construction,
installation, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance, processing or manufacturing
works are being undertaken and impose penalties against unlicensed individuals
engaging in the same (Section 5c, (i), section 28(1)).

Ongoing competence and observance of high standards of practice

KETRB is mandated to plan, arrange, coordinate and oversee professional training of
engineering technologists for the purpose of upholding and improving professional
standards and conduct within the sector. As such, through KETRB, registered and
licensed professionals gain from constant communication and exchange of ideas
with other engineering technologists in a sector that is characterized by growing
complexity and diversity in modern engineering processes and techniques (Section 5n,
section 28(2) of Engineering Technology Act, 2016).

Access to professional employment opportunities.

Registration and licensure by KETRB guarantee the qualification and competence of a
person practicing in the engineering technology sector. Many employers therefore
require that engineering technology positions be filled only by licensed engineering
professionals. Moreover, employers use licensure to evaluate the advancement
potential and determine career progression
of their employees. Licensed
professionals accordingly gain an advantage when it comes to accessing career
opportunities as well as increasing their earning potential (Section 5 c & e of
Engineering Technology Act, 2016).

Use of the title “Engineering Technologist”

Only registered and licensed persons can use the title of Engineering Technologist in
describing their occupation and business. Any person who adopts and uses the title in
any style or form, displays any sign, board, card or a prescribed stamp implying that
they are an Engineering Technologist without registration by KETRB commits an
offence under the Engineering Technology Act 2016 (section 42, 1a, b & 2, section 24).

Practice as a consultant or run an engineering technology consulting firm.

Only registered engineering technologists and consultants can practice or run a firm as
per section 19 a, b, c, d 2,3, and section 15 (3) of the Engineering Technology Act 2016.

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