The Department will provide strategic leadership and ensure optimal utilization and management of the Board’s Human Capital resources.

The Corporate Services Department will further be organized into two (2) divisions namely:-

  • Human Resource and Administration; and
  • Finance and Accounts

     Human Resource and Administration

Human Resource and Administration division will be responsible for formulation of Human Resources policies, procedures and guidelines.

The division shall;

  • Overseeing implementation of Human resource policies and plans;
  • Coordinating of Human Resource Management and support services functions.
  • Supervising development of human resource strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • Initiating staff recruitment and placement;
  • Coordinating the development of performance management systems, appraisal schemes, criteria for performance measurement and reward;
  • Assessing staff training needs and designing appropriate training interventions and career development plans;
  • Developing and effectively managing staff grievance procedure;
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant labor legislation and Human Resources policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • Developing and managing staff welfare schemes such as Group Personal Life and accident, medical, insurance schemes;
  • Establishing and maintaining human resource registry; and
  • Promoting cordial industrial relations, values and work ethics in the
  • Development, implementation and review policies, strategies, standards and guidelines in the functional areas of Administration services;
  • Oversee the organization, operations and Management Office Services;
  • coordinate and supervise maintenance, repairs, allocation and movement of motor vehicles;
  • ensure maintenance of office buildings and office equipment;
  • coordination of establishment and management of Resource Centre/Registry;
  • Development of inter office communication protocols;
  • Management and maintenance of Board’s fleet of vehicles;
  • Management and maintenance of Board’s Assets;
  • Oversee occupational health and safety of staff of the Board;
  • Manage security of assets, office equipment and information of the Board;
  • Coordinate the provision, establishment and maintaining of conducive working environment;
  • Provide administrative support through secretariat services to Board’s high level meetings;
  • Facilitate the development of Performance management Contract and Staff Performance Appraisal systems reports;
  • Coordinate the promotion of good governance, ethics and integrity through developing and implementing Corruption Prevention as well as the leadership and integrity Act;
  • Supervising the establishment and management of Board’s registries;
  • Coordinate staff travel official receptions and other social events;
  • Coordinate the preparation of reports, speeches and briefs in close collaboration with departments.

Finance and Accounts Division

The division will be charged with ensuring prudent management of financial resources and reporting thereof within the existing legal framework

  • Formulation and implementation of financial policies, regulations, strategies and plans;
  • Ensure effective and efficient utilization of financial resources;
  • Coordinate preparation of budget proposals and cash flow projections;
  • Revenue and Treasury management and reporting;
  • Maintenance of books of accounts and other financial records;
  • Budget Implementation, monitoring and review;
  • Develop and implement Internal Financial Controls;
  • Maintain accurate and complete financial record of the Board and regularly review the financial system;
  •  provide oversight on the commitment of fund and expenditure trends in line with Treasury Circulars;
  • ensure compliance with all the statutory and regulatory requirements;
  •  Ensure compliance with applicable financial statutory and regulatory obligation, and circulars;
  • safe custody of the accountable documents of the Board; and Preparation of financial reports and financial statements.