The Department will be organized into two (2) Divisions namely:

  • Standard and Quality Assurance Division; and
  • Compliance Division

Standard and Quality Assurance Division.

The Engineering Technology Act 2016-part III AND IV, provisions relating to registration, licensing and practice the Division shall be responsible for developing standards and code of conduct and ethics for engineering technologists and technicians in collaborations with stakeholders.

The Division shall:

  • Develop and implement standards, guidelines and manuals for engineering technologists/technicians in management, marketing, professional ethics, environmental issues, safety, legal matters or any other relevant field;
  • Initiate the development and review of code of ethics for engineering technologists in collaboration with other stakeholders;
  • Undertake survey and make recommendations on the fees to be charged by engineering technologists/technicians and firms for professional services rendered;
  • Develop IEC Materials for sensitizing on engineering standardization.
  • Develop and implement appropriate quality standards to be adhered to by the engineering technologists/technicians in liaison with the stakeholders;
  • Sensitize stakeholders on the code of ethics for engineering technologists and technicians;
  • Undertake research on best practices and current trends on the engineering technologists and technicians code of ethics; and
  • Develop engineering practicing manuals and site inspection procedures manuals.

Compliance Division.

The Division will be responsible for carrying out inspection on sites where construction, installation, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance, processing or manufacturing works and business to ensure compliance with the Act.

The Division shall;

  • Initiate the development of guidelines and procedures for compliance;
  • Develop and implement engineering technologist inspection and disciplinary procedures, guidelines and manuals;
  • Carry out inspection on sites where construction, installation, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance, processing or manufacturing works to ensure that professional standards are adhered to;
  • Make recommendations for either suspension or disciplinary action of any engineering technology professional services, works, projects, installation process or any other engineering technology works, which are done without meeting the standards;
  • Facilitate hearing and determination disputes relating to the professional conduct or ethics of engineering technologists;
  • Investigate allegations of contravention of the Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Liaise with government departments and other relevant agencies in ensuring adherence and compliance to the Act;
  • Conduct inquiry on complaints with regard to any professional misconduct;
  • Undertake investigations on complaints, allegations, breach of code of conduct and suspicion of non- compliance; and
  • Implement the appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with the provisions of this Act

The department shall establish an examination department