The Kenya Engineering Technology Registration Board (KETRB) is established in accordance with the Engineering Technology Act, No 23 of 2016 Part II Section 3. (1) to set standards for engineering technologists and technicians, register and issue licenses to qualified persons as per the provision of the Act

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Registration and Licensing Department

This department deal with Development, review and implementation of engineering technologist registration and licensing policies, strategies,

Capacity Building Department

The Department deals with Development and review detailed training curriculum for training engineering technology professionals for the purposes of registration,

Standard and Quality Assurance Division

The department Develops and implements standards, guidelines and manuals for engineering technologists/technicians,

Corporate Services Department

The Department will provide strategic leadership and ensure optimal utilization and management of the Board’s Human Capital resources,

Corporation Secretary & Legal Services Division

The Corporation Secretary and Legal Services is to provide Board’s Secretariat and Legal Services to the organization,

Internal Audit Division

The Internal Audit Division is responsible for providing assurance on the Board’s internal control systems, risk management framework and the governance structure,

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